AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. Uses Solventless Extraction with the First Current Good Manufacturing Processes in American Cannabis

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 April 4, 2018 - 4:36 AM EDT
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AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. Uses Solventless Extraction with the First Current Good Manufacturing Processes in American Cannabis

AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. (OTC:AXIM) announced the execution of their proprietary current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) methodology for extracting and encapsulating cannabis oil. In February, they became the first cannabis company to perform this exclusive method of extraction.

Solventless Extraction 

AXIM ’s state-of-the-art extraction methods were developed under very strict guidelines that ensure cGMP. The good manufacturing processes are managed by the United States’ Food and Drug Administration to protect the quality of human pharmaceuticals and medicine. These processes require strong management systems and operational procedures which allow AXIM to detect any deviations in plant quality.

AXIM is not the first company to utilize a solventless extraction process, but they are the first to achieve success with a propriety cGMP extraction method. Select cannabis plants are grown in their cGMP facility in the Netherlands, followed by the two-step extraction process, which does not use traditional solvents like butane or ethanol. Without these toxins, AXIM’s solventless extraction produces a CBD product that is over 99 percent pure.

Solventless extraction is becoming more and more popular among cannabis manufacturers due to its high purity production. It is easy to use, encouraging home growers and recreational users to extract their own cannabis oil. But for commercial production,  some in this industry are optimistic that AXIM’s cGMP extraction process gives this bio-tech company a head start against the competition.

AXIM is not the first cannabis company to work toward good manufacturing approval. They are the only American company to achieve it so far. After applying cGMP to extraction, AXIM hopes to evolve the process to take unusable cannabis oil, remove the toxins, and turn it into a usable product.

Cannabis Microencapsulation 

With their extraction process perfected, AXIM also developed an encapsulation process that protects their extracted cannabis oil from oxidation and degradation.  Pharmaceutical researchers define microencapsulation as a way to enclose liquids inside a wall or membrane made of soft film. For AXIM, microencapsulation makes it easier for cannabis to be manufactured into medicine without losing any of its potency or purity.

Microencapsulation can reduce the risk of overdosing, making it easier for AXIM and other pharmaceutical companies to control the dose of their cannabis-based medicines.

“Our innovative extraction process achieves reliable and effective results while providing a high purity level,” AXIM CEO George E. Anastassov said in the company’s statement earlier this year. “By microencapsulating these molecules, we are able to protect them and preserve the APIs [Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients] while increasing their bioavailability and the potential therapeutic benefits for a variety of pharmaceutical applications.”

As an investment company of Medical Marijuana Inc. (OTC: MJNA), AXIM Biotechnologies focuses on the research and development of pharmaceutical and cosmetic cannabis products. According to Medical Marijuana Inc.’s website, AXIM owns two patents, with twelve more awaiting approval.

Earlier this week, we reported on Medical Marijuana Inc. and their budding reputation as a mainstream media darling. They own over forty percent of AXIM Biotechnologies, a move that pushed their share prices up to $20 this month.

Source: PotNetwork News (April 4, 2018 - 4:36 AM EDT)

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